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Argan Oil Hair Conditioner Argan Oil Moisture Boost Conditioner

Deep intense moisture boost made to replenish dry brittle hair |
Bergamot Ylang Ylang Conditioner Shown Above

Our Price: $13.00
Natural Hair Care Products Dry Hair Erolea Moisture Boost Kit

Saturates dry brittle hair with deep moisturizing power |
Chamomile and Lavender Essential Oils

Our Price: $67.00
Sale Price: $56.00
Savings: $11.00


At Erolea Company we believe a you should be able to not only give you shiny bouncy hair, but should be able to moisturize if necessary, strengthen, and detangle it as well. Our organic conditioners is about utilizing gentle plant-based ingredients to do this. All of our products utilize essential oils for natural aromatherapy, as well as utilize plant-based oils from around the world, for the purposes of moisturizing. This allows healthy hair by, retaining moisture in it, as well as avoiding any problems related to dryness.

Why Use A Conditioner?
Utilizing a conditioner is an important step to healthy hair and scalp. At Erolea, since our products are salon tested, we have found while using a shampoo allows someone to start out with a fresh clean scalp and hair, a conditioner allows an individual to moisturize, detangle, as well as give the hair flexibility, which gives it bounce. It also aids in replenishing needed oils and nutrients, particularly when it comes to hair that has been damaged through chemical treatments. Erolea Company utilizes plant-based oils from around the world to add moisture into the hair.

Chemical treatments such as relaxers, color treatments, and other types of treatments, when overused, can cause damage. A conditioner allows the hair to rebuild by adding missing proteins in order to rebuild, and keep the hair strong. When a chemical treatment breaks down these proteins break down to the point that the hair becomes brittle, a conditioner can add them back in. When utilized correctly with a gentle sulfate-free organic shampoo, an individual can not only ensure that everything is cleaned, but a it is also replenished and strong.

Various consumers have different types of problems. Whether the solution to your problem is to moisturize, repair and reconstruct, to add volume, or color retention, rest assured our products are not only plant-based and gentle, but they have been salon tested to work on different types of hair, and not cause the typical problems associated with competing manufacturers.

Our conditioner will allow you to have hair that is soft, flexible, able to retain moisture, and acts as to detangle. As with every product we offer, Erolea Company beliefs are centered around wellness. This means plant-based ingredients are incorporated to all of our products, and holistic aromatherapy through the use of essential oils is a part of who we are as a company. We have set out a set of standards as a part of our Organic Commitments. We believe by utilizing gentle plant-based ingredients, our conditioner not only function and perform better than competing brands, but they also are healthier for you.