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Organic Shampoos

Organic Conditioners

Erolea Organic Shampoos do not contain
sulfates, parabens, salt, SD-Alcohol,
and retain color & relaxers
Erolea Organic Conditioners make hair
soft, give shine, and utilize plant-based
ingredients to replenish hair
natural hair scalp treatment

Leave in Conditioners

Hair & Scalp Treatment

Protect hair for all day treatment.
Give hair shine, and utilize
ingredients to replenish hair
Replenish, dry scalp, create healthy
hair and scalp, & healthy grow out,
with quick absorbing organic oils

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Recommended Treatment for Hair Care:
  1. Utilize Clarfiy Exfoliating Shampoo 1 - 2 times a week
  2. Utilize Moisture Boost Shampoo Daily
  3. Utilize Moisture Boost Conditioner Daily
  4. With wet hair, utilize Leave In Conditioner for all day use
  5. If necessary, utilize Moisturizing Hair and Scalp Treatment for dry scalp and hair

Natural Hair Products
Check out our selection of natural hair products. At Erolea our products stand behind the Organic Commitments. This is a commitment that every product we carry will not have any sulfates, parabens, salt, SD-Alcohol (Denatured Alcohol). We do have plant based ingredients, which include essential oils incorporated into products for aromatherapy and wellness, with a real common "scents" approach. In addition, everything we carry is salon tested, which means all products will have a PH Level which will retain color, relaxers or any type of salon treatments. This gives you peace of mind that when you purchase a "natural" hair product from Erolea Company, that you are getting the real thing, as well as knowing it will feel soft and will be vibrant and healthy.