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Balanced Hair Solutions

Check out solutions for norma hair. All products are salon tested, and meet the Erolea Organic Commitments standards.

Detoxify and Clarify Scalp & Hair

Detoxify, clarify, and remove build up from the hair and scalp, while at the same time keeping hair soft, & maintaining healthy grow out.

Moisturize Dry Brittle Hair

Moisturize and saturate dry brittle hair, utilizing premium plant-based oils, as well as replenishing hair and scalp

Curly Hair Solutions & Enhancing Curls

Enhance curls, and maintain moisture in hair. Give curly hair a boost to maintain healthy hair.

Retain Color, Relaxers, Brazilian Blowout, & Keratin Treatments

Salon tested products that retain color, as well as other treatments

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100% pure oils provide healthy moisturizing for the hair & scalp |
Chamomile and Lavender Essential Oils