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For thousands of years essential oils have been extracted from plants

to balance mind, body, and soul. At Erolea we incorporate plant extracted essential oils into all of our products, and treat the

individual with same therapeutic mind, body, and soul philosophy.


Aetheroleum refers to the steam distillation process in which steam extracts the inside of the plant, and then the water is separated from the lighter oil, which is the essential oil, and is extremely concentrated. This process is considered to be the most therapeutic grade manner of extracting essential oils. Water that is extracted is considered to be a hydrosol. Erolea Company has been committed to utilizing botanical ingredients in all of our products as well as strictly using essential oils and hydrosols in all of our products, with no synthetic lab created perfumes used for purposes of therapeutic aromatherapy and wellness. By utilizing practices that have been around for thousands of years, as well obtaining botanical ingredients that come from local growers all over the world, Erolea Company seeks to create premium beauty products, while helping the world.

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