Aromatherapy Hair care collections

100% Pure Therapeutic Plant-Based Essential Oils 

Chamomile & French Lavender Essential Oil

Calming, relaxing, plant-based essential oil, with Lavender Essential from High Alp Mountains in France. Check out our salon tested hair products.

French Alps Lavender & May Chang Essential Oils

Uplifting & Rejuvinating. French Lavender from Alp Mountains, combined with May Chang, a sweet, lemon, spicy, aromatherapy essential oil.

Bergamot from Italy & Ylang Ylang Essential Oils

Uplifting and Rejuvenating. Bergamot Essential Oil from Italy has a citrusy fresh aroma, combined with Ylang Ylang, a sweet floral essential oil.

Lemongrass & Citronella Essential Oils

Derived from India, Lemongrass has a light lemon aroma to it, with a fresh earthy scent. Combine with Citronella Essential Oil, a rich sweet lemon scent.

Tea Tree from Australia Essential Oil

Refreshing and Uplifting. Tea Tree Essential Oil has a warm, fresh, camphoraceous aroma to it. Known for its excellent properties for the scalp.

Peppermint & Tea Tree from Australia Essential Oils

Awakening and Fresh. Peppermint Essential Oil, a fresh, minty, herbaceous aroma,along with Tea Tree. 


Erolea Clarify Exfoliating  Shampoo

 French Lavender & May Chang 

Essential Oils 

Rose and Nettle Extracts for to detoxify the scalp and hair, as well as Chamomile Essential Oils  and Lavender Essential Oil from Alp Mountains in France 


Erolea Moisture Boost 

Hair & Scalp Treatment

Chamomile & French Lavender 

Essential Oil

Uses Argan Oil from Morocco and Coconut Oil. Light and quick absorbing oils to moisturize and give you a healthy scalp and hair


Erolea Moisture Boost


Tea Tree from Australia

 Essential Oil

Utilizes Argan Oil from Morocco and Coconut Oils. Australian Tea Tree  gives a tingle, cleans and moisturizes at the same time. 

Erolea Moisture Boost 


Bergamot from Italy & Ylang Ylang 
Essential Oils 

Adds shine, saturates hair, and leaves hair feeling soft.  Bergamot from Italy Essential Oil and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils moisturizes while maintaining healthy hair and scalp. 

Erolea Moisture Boost

Leave In Conditioner

Lemongrass from India & Citronella Essential Oils

For all day moisture, shine, and protection of the hair. Uses Lemongrass and Citronella Essential Oils. Excellent for comb through on wet hair, and detangling

              Erolea Clarify Exfoliating Shampoo

Peppermint & Australian Tea Tree Essential Oils 

Erolea Clarify Exfoliating Shampoo deep cleans scalp and hair, Peppermint and Tea Tree Essential Oils exfoliate the scalp and hair, while awakening the spirit and soul. 

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